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Why do we write?

They say there’s a book in everyone. They say writing is easy. They say there’s an author in everyone. But then they have something to say about everything; and they don’t exactly spend all their waking hours trying to breathe life into words.

The first Stephen King book I ever read, which wasn’t too long back, introduced me to the phrase with which most authors can relate.

“An author is a person who has taught his imagination to misbehave” – Stephen King

That is the difference between someone who writes because they can and someone who writes because they are inspired to. If you write for the love of writing then you know the joy and the satisfaction in bringing characters to life, creating worlds out of nothing and giving people a face, an appearance and an identity. If you write for the love of writing, you write because you’re driven – something inside you, and around you, inspires you to create. This is why I can relate with Stephen King’s statement. I get most of my inspiration from my dreams. A single moment is all I need to see and remember before letting my imagination run wild and create a life for the people in that moment, their identities, their decisions and their circumstances that lead to that moment.

Leaving fiction aside, you have content writing and unless you’re lucky enough to have chosen your forte, you will find yourself writing about anything and everything. Sometimes, you end up writing because you have to, not because you want to; and yet you keep writing because the pull of the written word is too strong for you to resist.

My blog is for just those people – people who write because they can’t stop themselves. Whether you write content for websites, fiction for children or anything in between, this blog will speak to you as I share through it my experiences on my journey as a writer. And as I share my life lessons, I hope to learn from yours. Tips, strategies and anecdotes – I’ll try and put them all up. And accompanying all that will be the stories born out of my misbehaved imagination!




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2 thoughts on “Why do we write?

  1. That’s very true. But there is also skill involved. I think the passion to write, the drive, also drives you to become better at your craft. Like sports, singing, or any profession, it takes talent, and a heck of a lot of practice.

    I actually did my last post on Stephen King. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

    1. I agree – skill plays a really important role. I think it in fact acts as part of the drive and passion. And once you pen those first few thoughts, you just start to look for a way to write more and write better. Thanks for the comment! I hope you find my other posts as interesting too!

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