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Star of the night

In the dark sky of the night,

With no moon to light,

A lone star shines down,

At the many tales to look upon.


She listens to the lone wolf,

As it howls into the dark,

Calling for its mate, a cry from the heart.


She listens to the birds,

As they flutter in the tree,

Waiting for the dawn, for when they may fly free.


She looks at the gypsy,

As she sits warm by the fire,

Longing in her eyes, as her heart waits for its other.


She looks at the star gazer,

As he looks up, deep in thought,

Trying to make sense, that of which he knows nought.


She looks at the unsleeping lover,

As she restlessly tosses and turns,

Waiting for the nights to pass, for when her love returns.


She looks down at the world,

As, in dream, its people smile and frown,

She looks down at the waking world,

As the darkness starts to fade,

She looks down, her shine less visible,

As night turns to day.


She looks down as she waits,

For the day to give way to a dark night,

For her time to once again shine bright.



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