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Book Review: Friend Request (By David Wailing)

Friend RequestSource: Goodreads
Friend Request
Source: Goodreads

Length: 69 pages

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

It’s a party in celebration of Nick and Larissa’s tenth wedding anniversary and the purchase of their new house. But Nick can’t concentrate on anything other than his search for one man – one unknown man whose auto sent his auto a friend request, the man whose status said that he’s dating Nick’s wife. The story unfolds at a party in a futuristic world. And the question that everyone wants answered… Who is this stranger and why is the mask of fidelity slowly slipping from the face of the woman that Nick has always loved?

My take:

Good read. The entire concept of autos is fascinating and terrifying at the same time… something, I’m sure, that raises the neck hairs of all those who are afraid of machines taking over humans! The nature of human beings has been shown wonderfully – friendship, love, jealousy, secrets, anger, prestige and true nature displaying reactions!
The style of writing was a bit haphazard but not so much that it would hinder the flow of the story. Its short length makes it a quick and very enjoyable read.
All in all, an interesting concept and one on which I would read more books for sure.

– Rishika



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