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Review: An Outrageous Proposal (By Maureen Child)

An Outrageous Proposal Source: Goodreads
An Outrageous Proposal
     Source: Goodreads

Length: 192 pages

My rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Sean Connelly has a proposal for Georgia Page – pretend to be engaged to him until his mother regains her health. The plan seems simple enough. His mother’s health should recover in a matter of days and then they can go their separate ways. The only glitch in the plan – Georgia and Sean have already given in to the unmistakable attraction between them. And then, as Sean behaves like the perfect fiance (fake or not), the lines begin to blur. Can Georgia and Sean keep their hearts out of the relationship that’s beginning to go much beyond the confines of their bedroom? And are they even ready for the relationship that is beginning to develop?

My take:

Maureen Child is a gifted author who really has a prowess over words. But, I find it difficult to give this book anything more than 2.5 stars because there were certain aspects which made it slightly cumbersome to read even while being really enjoyable in other places.

What I didn’t care too much about was Sean’s character, as far as a reason for not falling in love is concerned. His reasons make sense, but just about barely. They don’t seem strong enough for him to run away from the very concept of love the way he does. The second, slightly taxing aspect was the often seen repetitive nature. The story dragged on for longer than needed, in my opinion. Some things, like the main characters’ thoughts, were very repetitive, making it a little boring.

But there were some aspects of the story which made it a really fun read too. The first, for me, was the way Sean spoke – his accent (which you can literally hear as you read), his way of speaking, his lingo and his mannerisms. It all felt extremely authentic and so Irish that you could really associate with him. Added to that is his humor, one of the strongest traits of his character which also, was really enjoyable.

What I especially liked was the warm Irish life the book depicts. A village where everyone knows everyone and gossip is everyone’s favorite even though they will protect each other from harm at the drop of a hat. The lifestyle that Maureen Child depicts is wonderful, half making you want to be a part of the sweet madness. What I really liked is the way the author maintained the point of view of one character at any one time so wonderfully, without wavering, and still managed to voice the feelings and thoughts of both characters. Another really likable aspect is the way Child mixes the American lingo and Irish lingo so easily and effortlessly that you don’t find any disruption in the flow at all. And while the main characters’ relationship was quite interesting, I loved the relationship between Georgia and Ronan (her brother in law), which was sweet and touching.

All in all, I wouldn’t categorize this book as unputdownable, but I think that it’s a book that all romance readers will definitely enjoy. You can buy the book at:

– Rishika



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