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Review: The Dead Tracks (By Tim Weaver)

The Dead Tracks Source: Goodreads
     The Dead Tracks
   Source: Goodreads

Length: 530 pages

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Megan Carver disappeared from her school six months ago. A brilliant student who loved her family and her life, Megan was not the kind to run away. But when the police have no answers for her grief stricken parents who hold on to a small shred of hope, they turn to David Raker.

Raker knows what loss is about, he’s felt it, been surrounded by it and continues to live through it every day. He also knows the evil that the world holds and the secrets that hide in plain sight. As a journalist turned missing persons investigator, he’s seen it all. And the more he digs into Megan’s past, the deeper he finds himself in a web of lies, deceit and death.

But as the clues fall into place, clues that reveal a sinister plot larger than Raker expected, he finds himself drawn to a forest at the very edge of the city. The forest has secrets of its own and has seen death too. Once the home of a demented serial killer, the forest has a history that goes back a hundred years, a history that gave it its name. But the lines between history and present begin to blur as Raker uncovers the secrets that are whispered by the Dead Tracks. And the forest begins to reveal a terrifying truth, one from which Raker may not make it back alive.

My take:

Tim Weaver is, to put it simply, an amazing author! The Dead Tracks is one of those books that you just don’t want to put down. The story moves fast, is written with beautiful clarity and leaves no loose ends hanging. The twists, turns and surprises keep coming and leave you guessing at the end of almost every chapter. The book goes from normal to creepy (in a thrilling way) without wasting time on niceties. You get into the story from the first page and it holds on to you till the very last.

David Raker is a great protagonist and Weaver has created a character that is incredibly well thought out and gripping. The other characters that appear are unique in their own way, each defined by their quirks and drive which lead you to love them or hate them, and sometimes, both. You get an insight into their emotions and thoughts, brought to the forefront with a brilliant play of words by Weaver.

The story is not an outright horror. But Weaver’s writing gives you chills as he describes scenarios in great detail. Each sentence adds to the creepy thrill that fills you as you read. Every word seems to be placed perfectly, giving the perfect effect at the perfect time. The Dead Tracks is not devoid of violence or graphic scenes. But they’re all done in a manner that is chilling rather than gross. And they all add to the feeling that you need to look over your shoulder because something may be watching you.

I have, for some time now, been in search for a really good crime thriller author. And I can safely say that Tim Weaver, now on my list of favorite authors, is the answer. The Dead Tracks is the second book with David Raker and one of four books that are based around the missing persons investigator. If you like James Patterson’s older work such as Pop Goes the Weasel and Along Came a Spider, you’ll like Tim Weaver. He’s got a gripping style similar to Patterson’s without the sometimes unnecessarily hyped violence. Perfect for anyone who loves crime thrillers, mysteries and serial killer stories, The Dead Tracks is an unputdownable book that you don’t want to miss.

– Rishika



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