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Average Read – Great End: A Review of Rain Will Come by Thomas Holgate

Shout out to NetGalley for an ARC of Rain Will Come by Thomas Holgate. Reading and reviewing it took longer than expected, but here we are (finally)!


Thriller, Mystery


302 pages


Paul Czarcik is a veteran of the Illinois Bureau of Judicial Enforcement. He has no shortage of vices, is a loner, and is the Bureau’s best detective. When a seemingly open and shut case of double murder doesn’t sit right with him, he digs deeper… and finds an obscure connection to the gruesome murder of a Texas judge. Before long, Czarcik’s hunch brings him up against a killer who is nothing like any murderer he’s met before… and who is not yet done. When the killer challenges Czarcik, the detective accepts. And sets forth on a game of cat-and-mouse that mocks him at every step and threatens to turn the case into the first one Czarcik can’t win.

Overall Rating:

7 out of 10


8 out of 10


6 out of 10

Primary Element:

8 out of 10 for its thrill (how will this end??!)

Writing Style:

6 out of 10

Part of a Series: 

Maybe, maybe not. As of now, not.

Highlighted Takeaway:

The end – did not see that coming.

What I Liked:

Although the story is pretty linear and as such doesn’t allow for too many twists, the author – Thomas Holgate – manages to get a few in, all of which are fun and relatively unexpected.

What I Didn’t Like:

The characterization was too clichéd. Every character was the textbook version of what it should be, without enough shades of gray (think typical anti-hero with a heart of gold).

Also, there were these random words that pivoted from the general, casual flow of the language. They really pull you out of the story, unfortunately, and I definitely could have done without the abruptness.

Who Should Read It:

Anyone who enjoys relatively gory thrillers. This has a real ‘how is he going to hurt this one?’ vibe going. Definitely a plus for those who don’t mind some (and occasionally, a lot) bloodshed.

Who Should Avoid:

Anyone who can’t stand too much violence. Rain Will Come is not for the faint-hearted.

Read It For:

The anti-hero with a heart of gold. Yes, really! It may be clichéd but, for the most part, it works. Would have helped to have Czarcik be just a bit more… empathetic, though.

Rain Will Come releases on 1 April 2020 by Thomas & Mercer. It’s the debut novel of Thomas Holgate who has, as per his NetGalley bio, written television movies, series, and feature films, along with nonfiction books and magazine pieces under a pseudonym.

While the book has its drawbacks, I would definitely read more of Thomas Holgate’s work, especially for its dark themes and theoretically justifiable violence. If you like that kind of stuff, I’d recommend picking up Rain Will Come.

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my review. 🙂

– Rishika




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