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I’ve got two indie-published works up on Amazon for sale – both are short love stories. They’re great for a read while traveling or just getting in some relaxed reading time over the weekend.

You can check out more about my books and buy them on Amazon by clicking on the images below.

One Chance

One Chance

When Ethan Russell proposed to Ava, she didn’t hesitate to accept; and then began a life filled with love and joy. But Ethan Russell has a secret – a secret that will threaten his marriage and devastate the woman to whom he vowed love and trust forever. He knew that his past needed to remain forgotten if they were to have a future.
When fate intervenes and the horror of a connected past rears its ugly head, they lose everything that they shared. Now, Ava can trust no one, especially not the man who’d vowed to love her. And Ethan has but one opportunity to gain her love and trust again, one shot to help them move beyond the past, and one chance at a blissful forever after.

One Chance is a touching short love story of love, betrayal, mistakes, forgiveness and above all, a second chance.

A Bond Unbroken

A Bond Unbroken

He had forced the memories of his mistakes into the depths of his soul in the hope of never having to face the guilt again – the guilt of hurting the only woman who’d ever mattered to him. But one look at her and the memories came hurtling back.

She came back to her home town after ten years – and met the only man she’d ever loved, the only man who’d ever managed to hurt her so badly that looking back had become a thing of the past. Until now.

After ten years apart, life has given them one more chance to right their wrongs and to correct their mistakes. Will time be on their side? Or will the bond that holds them together even as they’re apart, finally fail the test of time?


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