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A unique thriller: Review of Here to Stay by Mark Edwards

A big thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of Here To Stay by Mark Edwards. I discovered Mark Edwards on NetGalley with The Lucky Ones, and have really enjoyed his work since. The Retreat, I thought, was even better than the former. So when I saw Here to Stay up for grabs, I absolutely had to give it a read.

Did it meet expectations? Read on to find out.

Mark Edwards Here to Stay
Source: Goodreads


Thriller, Psychological thriller


370 pages


Elliot lives a simple life. He never felt like anything was really missing, until he met Gemma Robinson. Suddenly, she seemed to fill a void he hadn’t realized he even felt. They were married within a matter of months. When Gemma mentions that her parents were visiting for a couple of weeks, Elliot did the only thing he found right – invited them to stay over. Days later, Gemma’s parents and extremely quiet sister, Chloe, come over. And never leave. They encroach on every aspect of Elliot’s life, while Chloe remains silent and mostly to herself, and Elliot begins to suspect that they are trying to escape from something they’ve done. As Gemma’s parents show no signs of leaving, Elliot decides to dig into their lives to find answers and save his marriage. The truth, however, is much worse than he could have ever imagined.

Overall Rating:

7 out of 10


8 out of 10


7 out of 10

Primary Element:

6 out of 10 for its thrill

Writing Style:

7 out of 10

Part of a Series: 


Highlighted Takeaway:

Like with all other books by Mark Edwards, the highlighted takeaway is the end. There are very few writers who can conclude a thriller with a real surprise, but Edwards manages to do so consistently.

What I Liked:

The story doesn’t slow down for a single moment, in spite of being based on such a simple premise.

What I Didn’t Like:

Oddly enough, Elliot. Although his character was developed well and a lot of his behavior made sense because of that arc, he seems too submissive to be real. It made it a little hard to associate with him because I genuinely could not imagine any person being the way he was.

Who Should Read It:

Anyone who enjoys thrillers. This is a different style of thriller, but definitely keeps the pages turning.

Who Should Avoid:

Anyone who does not enjoy psychological thrillers, or stories based on characters who are just plain sociopathic.

Read It For:

An interesting and not-too-commonly-done take on the thriller genre. With so many thrillers out there, this one is a fresh (albeit slightly disturbing) read.

Here to Stay was published on 1st September 2019. If you haven’t tried Mark Edwards yet, this is as good a place to start as any.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review!

– Rishika